The world’s smartest drink and brain food. 

Equipped with the strongest, most bioactive formula to keep you calm and thinking clear under moments of pressure and stress.

Patented formula designed by world-class neuroscientists to boost your brain and immune system with nature’s most powerful brain-food polyphenols: New Zealand Pine Bark and New Zealand Neuroberry Blackcurrants.

Arepa also developed the Neuroberry® which is a unique variety of freeze-dried New Zealand Blackcurrant shown to support neurological health and reduce mental fatigue. They are a rich source of Vitamin-C and contain some of the highest levels of anthocyanins and Vitamin-C compared to any berry on earth.

Arepa will satisfy the needs of health and wellness-conscious individuals in the Philippines who are looking for plant-based alternatives to caffeine and energy drinks. The first of its kind in the country – brain drink and brain food. 

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