Kiwi Garden

Kiwi Garden uses the finest produce grown in beautiful New Zealand including fresh apples from Hawke’s Bay, the best NZ mixed berries, and sweet and juicy corn, combined with natural yoghurt and a touch of premium Kiwi honey. They also add a sprinkling of powerful superfoods like the best NZ blueberries rich in natural antioxidants, acidophilus, and bifidus, which are gentle on little tummies and fabulous for growing children.

The way Kiwi Garden make snacks is simple and the result is simply super. By freeze-drying the fresh ingredients, they gently remove the water and lock in all the goodness. Compared to other drying methods, this process retains all the nutritional benefits and produces snacks with a delicious crunch that kids love. Kiwi Garden snacks have no preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours. We strive for transparency at every stage of production. Every batch produced is thoroughly tested to ensure all the goodness remains and all of the products are fully traceable.

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