We live in challenging times. Now more than ever, we need all the additional support we can get. That is why we thought of bringing the world’s smartest drink and brain food to the Philippines. We are so happy to announce that WELL+GOOD PH will carry the New Zealand brand –  Ārepa as one of its flagship brands. Designed to boost brain performance, support attention, provide neuro clarity, and memory recall, the Ārepa Performance Drink and Lite + Sparkling is the perfect way for you to stay focused and alert in every situation.

The Ārepa formula is developed by some of the world’s top neuroscientist’s and food technologists. Each product is equipped with the strongest, most bioactive formula to keep you calm and thinking clear under moments of pressure and stress. Proven through rigorous clinical studies, Ārepa’s patented formula is designed by world-class neuroscientists to boost your brain and immune system with nature’s most powerful brain-food polyphenols; the New Zealand Pine Bark and New Zealand Neuroberry Blackcurrants.

Whether you need to study for a big exam, prepare for an important meeting, or be more productive at work, Ārepa will give you that extra boost you need. Drinking one bottle of an Ārepa Performance drink or Lite + Sparkling daily will allow you to go into every potentially stressful situation with calm confidence and give you that much needed edge.

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