If you’re frustrated with working from home during quarantine, and feel like banging your head against the wall, don’t worry—we totally feel you. Until things are more settled and we get the green light to go back to the office again, the reality is that we’ll be spending plenty of time at home. 

To make these WFH days a little better, below is an arsenal of good and healthy quarantine snacks that will give you the energy to deal with anything the day throws at you, from homeschooling to endless Zoom conference calls. There are snacks such as freeze-dried fruits, gummy bears, ice cream, and so many more delicious nibbles in this roundup. 

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Well and Good PH

Looking for a lightweight snack? These freeze-dried fruits are perfect for you! In a pinch, you can eat 100% freeze-dried fruits out of the package—no sugar, additives or preservatives. For more healthy ways to enjoy this snack, you may add it to a high-fiber cereal breakfast, mix with nuts and seeds for a custom crunchy trail mix, or top it on your favorite smoothie or frozen yogurt bowl.

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